Occiasionally, the Belgian singer Caro Hakim - or K-Ro -  joins Tracin' Tracy on stage as a special guest. This upcoming young artist really heats up the room! Her warm voice has that rare dark brown quality found with the great soul and jazz singers. 

Caro debuted in the TV-show The Voice Of Belgium, but now Caro writes her own songs and is working hard to expand her repertoire of original compositions. So keep an eye out for Caro Hakim!

Check out Caro's website

Caro Hakim


Meet the special people and great artists we love to perform with!

Eva Lavooij

A new name to look out for! Eva debuted on stage with the Tracies at a special occasion in Jazzcafé Dizzy and it was quickly decided that we shouldn't leave it at just this single occasion. With Eva we can explore our other side: sensitive, romantic and intense when Eva sings a Billie Holiday song. But also humoristic and naughty. Eva has a unique voice and performance that can take you on an intimate journey to where vocal jazz meets blues, soul and Americana! Watch out people, Eva & The Tracies are coming!

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